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For those of you that weren’t at the S/HPNA annual meeting during the first quarter this year, I’d like to repeat information from Deputy Chief Mark Bustillos about reporting crime and activity in the neighborhood.

  1. If the event you’re experiencing is urgent or has the potential to be life threatening, call 911 immediately. Describe the threat, the level of urgency and what you’re sensing and feeling The operator will utilize this information to prioritize your call.
    • Example: Someone is trying to attack me and I’m in fear for my life.
  2. If the event is not life threatening but still urgent, call 911.
  3. If the event is not life threatening and not urgent, call 311.
  4. If you’re seeing crimes and not calling, SJPD assumes everything is fine.
  5. SJPD does *not* monitor Next Door posts.

For all of these reports, you can ask to have a follow-up call from our District Sargent, and there should also be a case # provided that you can reference. In an extreme case of a large police event, there may be a delay in the response, but there will be a response.

There have been 3 statements on Next Door about SJPD not responding to calls made. I’m following up on those now and will reach out directly to the individuals if additional information is requested.

If you’re calling and not getting through, please send me a private message and I will follow-up on that as well.

D. Lauren Smith

S/HPNA Public Safety Focus