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These are the neighborhoods and the associations that border SHPNA. We work closely with our neighbors on community projects and to address issues that effect us all. United Neighborhoods of Santa Clara County is a great resource to find out about how our associations collaborate and about other associations in the area.

Buena Vista

Buena Vista is south of Shasta Hanchett Neighborhood, represented by the Buena Vista Neighborhood Association.


To the west of Shasta Hanchett Neighborhood lies Burbank, a the largest remaining unincorporated county pocket in San Jose, represented by the Burbank Community Association.

College Park

College Park is north east of the Garden Alameda Neighborhood, represented by the College Park Neighborhood Association.

Delmas Park

To the east of the Cahill Neighborhood is Delmas Park, represented by the Delmas Park Neighborhood Association.

Rose Garden

The Rose Garden is to the north west of Shasta Hanchett Neighborhood.

Sunol Midtown

To the south east of the St Leo’s Neighborhood is Sunol Midtown Neighborhood.