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Our Memberships

Thanking for considering to become a member!

We offer 2 types of membership:

S/HPNA Residential Membership – One Year $20.00 for one year. One year annual membership for an individual, family or household.

S/HPNA Residential Membership – Three Years $50.00 for 3 years. Three year annual membership for an individual, family or household.

Membership Benefits

1. Being a member allows you to vote on official matters such as the electing the organizations board of directors.

2. As a member, your involvement in building community spirit and representing our neighborhood will benefit our community now, and for future generations.

3. As well as being able to volunteer, you will find out what is going on locally through our newsletter and given a login to the members section of this website. This is in additional the publicly available content on this website and access to our SHPNA sponsored online forums.


Dues shall be for a membership term of one (1) fiscal year.  Memberships will be renewed on January 1 each year thereafter.

The easiest way to become a member it to click on the button below and sign up!

If you prefer to mail in a membership form, download this form and send it in to us, along with payment.


To renew just login to our website and follow the renewal prompts.