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Get on line and connect with fellow residents and members!

We have 3 Online forums, as everyone has a their own preferences of platform. Click on the links below to join any or all of them to connect with association members and residents in the neighborhood!

Groups.io SHPNA Neighborhood Talk

Facebook Groups SHPNA Neighborhood Talk

Nextdoor Groups SHPNA Neighborhood Talk

Online Forum Guidelines

Welcome to the discussion groups for the Shasta/Hanchett Park area neighborhoods. The goal is to help neighbors stay informed, build connections, and help each other through open discussions on just about anything.  

Please follow these general guidelines;

  • Be courteous and respectful, especially when disagreeing on a particular issue.
  • Refrain from partisan politics. Sharing info on issues is welcome, but avoid telling people how to vote. Use discretion when bringing up controversial topics.
  • Make efforts to focus discussions on issues directly affecting the area.
  • Avoid soapboxing, campaigning, ranting, and spamming.
  • We all want our neighborhoods to be the best they can, so don’t hesitate to get involved!

Groups.io SHPNA Neighborhood Talk

Please check out this link for more details on the S/HPNA Talk Rules of Use.