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The Shasta / Hanchett Park Neighborhood Association is a volunteer-based community organization, founded in 1985 to protect and advance the interests of the Shasta/Hanchett Park, St. Leo’s, Garden Alameda, and Cahill Park neighborhoods in San José, CA.

Organization Structure

Our Association is made up members, who have paid their annual dues, and subscribe and support the purposes of the Association. As a member you have voting rights at the annual meeting which is where we elect the next years Directors and Officers.

We then have the Board of Directors (Board) which consist of no more than nine (9) Directors, including four (4) Officers of the Association and no more than five (5) Directors At-Large. The Board shall meet at least ten (10) times annually at times designated by the Board.

We run the business of the association through committees;

Executive Committee is made up of the Officers of the Associations – President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. They are delegated the powers and authority of the Board of Directors in the management of the business and affairs of the Association.

Standing Committees facilitates the execution of the Association’s purpose and regular business and are chaired by a member of the Board. They address primary areas of the Association’s ongoing operations and shall have a Charter that defines the purpose and scope of authority of the Committee.

Planning and Land Use Committee

Schools Committee

Neighborhood Preservation Committee

Events Committee

Volunteer Services Committee

Communications Committee

Ad Hoc Committees are set up for specified purpose and duration, but shall not be delegated any of the powers of the Board. Ad Hoc Committees may be chaired by any voting member of the Association in good standing but must report to the Board on a regular basis, not less than monthly.

Current Board of Directors

PositionName Email
Edward Saum edward.saum@shpna.org
Vice President
Claire Baylis claire.baylis@shpna.org
Liana Bekakos liana.bekakos@shpna.org
Chris Russell chris.russell@shpna.org
Carol Austen carol.austen@shpna.org

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer! Make a difference in the neighborhood and the community. We’re looking for volunteers to help with everything from holding social events to stamping out graffiti, from planting trees to forming committees to address various issues. See something we need to address? Join the team and lead the effort! Even if you only have a few available hours each month, your neighbors will appreciate your efforts. For more information on the opportunities to volunteer with SHPNA, contact us at volunteer@shpna.org.

There is always something to do in our neighborhoods! Put your talents to use in supporting your community through volunteering with S/HPNA.

Current opportunities include:

Committee Membership

All our committees are looking for volunteers. From event planning to neighborhood preparedness to monitoring development, committees play an important role in building community and protecting the interests of our neighborhoods… and are a great way to meet your neighbors!

Special Projects

Special projects are initiatives that the Board, Committees, or members identify that fall outside the standing committee structure. Current special projects include:

  • Alameda Retail Development – Help revitalize The Alameda!
  • Neighborhood History Project – Help compile information on the rich history of our neighborhoods
  • Street Tree Planting – Help plant and maintain street trees in neighborhood park strips to keep our community green.

If you have an idea or don’t see anything here that matches your interests, contact us at volunteer@shpna.org!