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Here is info specific events and business reopenings happening on this Alameda this weekend. 

1) Safely Social SJ Artists on The Alameda Window Display Contest  – Get out and vote!  Check out the awesome window display our local business have going at the moment and vote for your favorite!     

2) Tee Nee Thai’s Off Menu Fan Favorite Thai Tacos are back.   Come try these!  Please note: These are subject to availability   

3) Floodcraft Taproom Brewing Company @ Whole foods is reopening Saturday 27th of March.  Open from Noon to 8pm!     

4) Welcome Back to LaBarre Studios.  They are reopening!  Check out their class schedule. 

And a preview……There is a new business opening up on The Alameda in a couple of weeks @daniellefitness on instagram

Regards Claire
New SHPNA Board Member